Traditionally, laser levels are a series of electronic tools that are used in different types of construction and are used to measure different distances and have a perfect level in case you need to place shelves at certain heights and with great precision.

 Whether for professional carpentry or personal DIY work, the use of a level will always bring you excellent results, especially when you need to make sure you get a perfect alignment on a shelf or frame, perfect and straight finishes or without any deviation . For this, there is a wide variety of laser levels that adapt to your particularities and needs, depending on the work you are doing, so that you can ensure that all levels and distances are correct.

In principle, it is important to know the functioning of these levels, so it is necessary to look at the utilities that these types of systems can have for each type of work. At present, it is very difficult to imagine a construction company that does not use one of the new laser levels in its projects. Thanks to all the models that the current market offers us, we can find devices with all kinds of benefits, the current ones adapt to almost any requirement that the construction site has. 

Depending on the work you are working on, you may frequently need the projection of vertical, horizontal or any inclination angle lines. The most current models manage to project laser lines up to 360 degrees, so they let you completely control the room so that nothing is left untidy.

If you are seriously considering buying one of these laser levels, it is important that you be very careful and keep the following tips in mind. First, always try to invest in a quality level. Try to stay away from models that offer great capacity and power at super cheap prices. In addition, models that cost more money tend to have higher quality and durability, so their lifespan is longer.

One of the biggest tips you’ll find on the net is to acquire a laser level that is easy to use and you should look at this before making the purchase. While there are fairly easy-to-use models, there are other devices that are much more difficult to use. It is advisable to choose a level model that fits the type of activity you will be doing.

On the other hand, we recommend choosing a laser level that fits your needs, since it is not practical to buy a model that is too sophisticated and that you will not use except for simple measurements.

In the market you can get alternatives that fit perfectly to a capital, since there is an immense amount of models that differ in size and functions. Keep in mind that you can find laser levels with prices ranging from 10 to 40 euros, depending on their functions.

On the other hand, you can get a bit more sophisticated models that include certain improvements and compounds such as magnetized areas, which will allow you to install them in any metallic place with ease. Normally, these types of laser levels have a maximum range of up to 20 meters, however, they handle a price of 150 to 350 euros. On the other hand, some models have a non-slip base that replaces the magnetized area that some products have and facilitate self-leveling, so they can be placed on almost any type of surface.

However, other models include laser systems in the horizontal direction, which are normally used on horizontal and lateral planes. Keep in mind that professional laser levels have a security system against possible unevenness. These systems are responsible for warning in the event of any type of involuntary movement that uneven the previously established surface.


Types of laser levels 

Laser dot level

This is the type of level that is usually used indoors, as it is one of the simplest models. This type of device allows marking angles of up to 90 degrees with an accuracy that only a professional tool can achieve. The only condition is that measurements cannot be performed optimally on surfaces more than 20 meters away, since it loses accuracy. This model is normally used when you need to perform a coating installation and square testing, as well as laminated plasterboard.

Line laser level

This type of level allows to project a single continuous line on the surface, and professionals normally use them for tiles, ceramic works and baseboards. In addition, like the models of laser levels of points, they can make measurements on spaces that do not exceed 20 meters. Line laser levels are commonly used to align different types of objects or shelves that you need to install in homes or premises. They are ideal for creating joints and joints, in addition to being perfect for placing sockets.  

Cross laser level

As for the cross laser levels, these models not only mark a perfect angle of 90 degrees, but also define very high precision. Normally, they are used to perform internal measurements and at a short distance from the one you want to project. These models manage to project a horizontal and a vertical line continuously, so they are also used to install cabinets and coverings of all kinds. 

Rotating laser level 

This model is the most complete and professional of which you can find the market, since it has a complete selection of functions and features that highlight it as the best laser level . This device can be used both indoors and outdoors and also allows a 360 degree projection and measurements of approximately 50 meters away.

This means that they are the most accurate levels offered by the current market. In other words, with this type of devices you will achieve an accuracy that reaches measurements of 0.25 nm / m. On the other hand, they are widely used when it is necessary to make a movement of land, installation of fences or leveling of land.


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