In these times of Bluetooth speakers and other sound equipment of doubtful quality there are still quality options in terms of enjoying first level audio. Something to have a good amplifier is just what we need to give our team the boost it needs. The best thing is that these products have reduced their price and increased their functions, so it is possible to access interesting equipment at adjusted prices. This is the case with the Dynavox CS-PA1 amplifier that stands out for its 50W PMPO power, in addition to having a frequency range of 20 to 30 kHz. Another interesting model is the Auna Amp3 amplifier, suitable for users of low demand but who want to have extensive control and adequate connectivity, which does not even lack the USB port.

Best amplifiers on the market

Although it may seem like something from the past, being able to find the best amplifier for our home is something that will pay us properly in the form of a better sound and a better experience. So it is worth taking some time to know which is the best amplifier that we can find according to our preferences and needs. And since the offer is wide, we have applied the scissors to obtain our list of the best amplifiers of 2020, which we present below.

Sound amplifier Dynavox CS-PA1

Since having quality models does not imply excessive spending, among the cheapest amplifiers of our selection we have the Dynavox CS-PA1 model. This product has a usual 50-watt output, as well as all the necessary elements to work comfortably. Aspects such as the three rear inputs in which to connect any equipment by means of the usual left-right connections already habitual.

A sound amplifier with a wide frequency range, ranging from 20 to 30,000 hertz, covering a wide range of sound. And all this without forgetting its control panel where you have the control of volume, bass and treble and other details. What is necessary to become the best price quality amplifier in our selection. And by the way, it is also capable of generating 3D sound if you wish, so you don’t miss anything.

Let’s see some more detail of this product, located among the cheap amplifiers of the current market, although with a good quality.


Frequency : Its wide frequency range, ranging from 20 to 30,000 hertz, generates a quality sound with high-pitched high-pitched treble and bass.

Control : The control panel includes all the necessary options to cover all the usual elements for these products.

Connections : It incorporates three different inputs, with selector of the device that you want to access according to what you need.



Power : Although its power is suitable for small and even medium-sized rooms, it falters if it is large spaces.

Background noise: The model has a slight background noise, as with other similar models that we find in the market.


HiFi amplifier Auna Amp3

One of the problems of current amplifiers has to do with its size. Sometimes this is bigger than normal. Something to which is added an excess of power that, many times, we do not get to use and that we end up paying. Problems you can solve with the Auna Amp3 model. This HiFi amplifier has a power set for these small rooms, of 2 x 6.5 watts in total.

This does not prevent being able to configure that audio output efficiently thanks to the included panel. It also has good connectivity, since with this headphone amplifier we have two RCA jacks, 1 3.5mm Jack jack and even a USB port to play content directly. All this in a compact design that you can install anywhere without complications. So, if you need a small and efficient amplifier, this model is just what you need.

We highlight some more details of this model, located among the most compact and efficient options of our selection.



Control function The control function is more than covered, thanks to a large front keypad in which to customize the sound as you like.

Size : It is a compact product and therefore you can install anywhere without problems of site.

USB Player: The included USB player makes it easy to play your content with comfort, with independent control.

Finishes : The finishes follow the standards of the brand offering good quality and an appropriate touch of elegance.



Power : The output power is 2 x 6.5 watts of output, perhaps somewhat reduced for the type of product we are talking about.

Inputs : The equipment has two RCA and one 3.5mm inputs. being therefore more scarce than other models that we have valued.

Audio amplifier SMSL Q5 Pro

The HiFi SMSL Q5 Pro audio amplifier is another interesting model in our search for the best amplifier of the moment. A device designed to achieve high fidelity of sound and good clarity in an output system of 2 x 50 watts of power. A team that has different sockets, which make it easier to use the product and its connection.

As easy as its control is, it combines a remote control with a front volume rotator where you can comfortably adjust it, as well as other device parameters. This work also helps the LED screen, in which to see the information you need when using the device. All this in a complete set that makes it even easier to enjoy your favorite music with all the quality you deserve.

So that the amplifier does not break the aesthetics of your equipment, we leave you more information about this elegant SMSL amplifier.



Output : The amplifier has a 50-watt and two-channel output system, so you can hear powerful, high-level sounds.

Remote control : The included remote control, along with its LED display, make it easier to control all device options.

Elegance : Details such as its aluminum construction and the elegance of its finishes give this model an extra presence.



Connectivity : The connectivity panel of this model is somewhat limited, not so much in options, but in the number of existing connections.

Impulse response: Some user comments that the impulse response of the amplifier is limited, which in part hurts the final quality of the sound.

5.1 amplifier AUNA AV1-4800

If you are looking for a 5.1 amplifier that stands out for its ease and simplicity of use, since, in addition to having a practical remote control to manipulate the amplifier from the comfort of the sofa, it has a very intuitive button design.

This speaker amplifier has a series of multiple connections available, thanks to which you can connect different components and accessories via USB and SD. On the other hand, it has an RCA cable input, a 5.1 / AC3 ​​input, terminals to connect any type of speaker, a subwoofer output. In addition, it has a MW connection and has a practical FM radio antenna with which you can tune in to your favorite radio programs.

This amplifier offer surround sound thanks to its system 5.1 maximum power of 1,000W. It has a measured output of up to 4 Ohms that are equivalent to 390W RMS. It is fully compatible with mp3 files.

If you are looking at an alternative surround amplifier that is perfect for connecting home theater systems, we recommend looking at the positive and negative features of this model.



Events : It is an ideal amplifier for use in different events where a precise and separate adjustment of the microphones is needed.

Surround : Thanks to its 5.1 surround sound system, you will enjoy the themes in an almost natural and more realistic way. 

Power : This model has a high power motor, which reaches up to 1,000W with 4 Ohm output equivalent to 390W RMS.



Buttons: It incorporates two buttons, one to increase and the other to decrease the volume, which may have been replaced by a more comfortable and modern knob.


Pioneer amplifier Pioneer A-10-K

If we talk about sound, you can not miss a product that many consider the best brand of amplifiers currently for sale. And the truth is that the Pioneer A-10-K amplifier is more than worthy of this manufacturer, with details that give it a remarkable quality.

Something that can be seen in details such as its front panel, which has a large keypad and control system, or its connectivity, with six different input jacks among which Network Audio is not missing. A device with direct output or AB speakers, which fits what you need. And all this without forgetting its power, which reaches 50 watts per channel in a two-channel output system with the quality and purity of this manufacturer.

This model is an interesting product for those who do not know which amplifier to buy and also do not want to complicate their head looking.



Output : The output of 50 watts per channel gives you all the power necessary to enjoy your music and cover small and medium sized rooms.

Connectivity : This equipment has six different inputs thus offering a remarkable versatility to connect.

Auto power off : If you are one of those who leave the products on, this model includes an automatic power off system that saves energy.

Front panel: The front panel incorporates a large number of elements with which to customize your experience.

Speakers : The speakers can be connected in direct output mode or AB mode, depending on what suits you.



Remote control: You miss having the remote control that usually includes some of these devices.

Yamaha amplifier Yamaha AS-301

This Yamaha amplifier stands out for its hybrid operation system, which among other benefits has an ideal digital audio input to connect a television, or a Blu-Ray player with which you can watch your favorite movies.

One of its most important features is that it incorporates a wireless connection module or adapter via Bluetooth YBA-11. In addition, it stands out for having a high power output of up to 95W or 60W in RMS for each output channel. It also has an output for subwoofer amplifier. This device has dimensions of 43.5 x 38.7 x 15.1 cm, in addition to a weight of 9 kilograms.

This product includes a practical remote control with which you can hire your amplifier comfortably. The remote uses two AA batteries, which allows you to make the replacement easily.

Whenever you want to choose a new amplifier, we recommend you look at the different aspects that allow an effective connection between the amplifier and the player. Therefore, we present the advantages and disadvantages of this model.



Inputs : You can connect your radio, Blu-ray or TV to this amplifier thanks to its inputs to enjoy spectacular sound in your movies.

Adapter : You can pair any device wirelessly thanks to its YBA-11 Bluetooth adapter.

Power : It has two channels of 95W and 60W (RMS) each. This produces great sound quality.



Price : This device may have a slightly higher price compared to some similar model, making it one of the most expensive on the list.

Mini amplifier  Nobsound DZ036

If you are looking for a mini power amplifier of up to 200W, distributed in two output channels of 100W each. In addition, it incorporates a bluetooth module that will allow you to connect different components via Bluetooth 4.2.

It incorporates a TPA3116 chip and a ne5532 operational amplifier that provide optimal performance and clean sound quality thanks to its components. Therefore, it offers a high quality Hi-Fi sound very clearly that allows to reduce background noise, which is ideal for placing shelves, computer table and desk.

This amplifier has dimensions of 15 x 11.8 x 8.4 cm and weighs approximately 599 grams. This product is classified with energy efficiency class D.

Given so many options you have available, it is important that you consider the most important features of each model. This amplifier has a number of advantages and disadvantages.



Price : This model stands out for its excellent relationship between quality and price, being one of the most economical amplifiers on the list.

Bluetooth : It incorporates a Bluetooth 4.2 connection module that guarantees a stable and robust connection.

Power : This amplifier stands out for its great power 200W, distributing for each channel 100W.



White noise: At a very low level, you can hear a slight white noise with the operation of this model.        

Sony amplifier Sony STR-DH590

This Sony amplifier stands out for its compatibility with HDMI thanks to its four inputs and one output, with which you will achieve a transfer of 4K / 60p and compatibility with HDCP2.2 and HDR. On the other hand, this device has a flexible 5.1-channel real surround sound system and an account, in turn, with a 2.1-channel virtual surround.

It also includes a Bluetooth and WiFi technology connectivity module, with which you can maintain a stable and simple connection. In addition, the design that saves the necessary space that will help you easily adapt other multimedia units should be highlighted. On the other hand, it incorporates a USB, coaxial, optical, Airplay and HDMI port.

This Sony brand amplifier has dimensions of 29.7 x 43 x 13.3 centimeters and weighs approximately 7.1 kilograms. On the other hand, it has a 6.3 mm audio output with 4.1 channels.

If you still do not know which is the best amplifier, it is important that you look at the following advantages and disadvantages.



Connectivity : This amplifier has a connectivity system of up to 4 HDMI inputs, as well as an output, which provides professional use.

Bluetooth : Connect easily with any Bluetooth device easily thanks to the connectivity module.

Control: This device stands out for its ease of handling thanks to its easy to control knobs.

Remote : In addition, this amplifier includes a practical remote control.



Headphones : This model does not allow simultaneous sound from headphones and speakers when connecting headphones.


Record player amplifier Hama PA 506

If you are really short of money and need to acquire a preamp model that you can use together with your other devices and that has a separate input signal independently for each channel.

This preamp sports a minimalist design with approximate dimensions of 14.2 x 8.1 x 3.9 centimeters and weighs approximately 399 grams. This is a speaker amplifier that works with 230V, 50Hz and 300 mAh.

This product is an amplifier for turntable that is designed and manufactured with a metal housing painted completely in black and that has the purpose of providing protection to the internal components of the preamplifier.

It is logical that, given so many alternatives of sound amplifiers offered by the current market, making a single choice can be a hard task. It is important that you look at all the advantages and disadvantages that we present below.



Connection : This preamp model has an analog signal input separated by left and right channels.

Manufacturing : Thanks to the fact that the housing of this product is made of metallic materials that helps against external transfer, protecting internal components.

Connectors : The connectors of this device are gold plated, offering low contact resistance.


Simple : As expected according to the price that the product presents in the market, this is an economical but very simple preamplifier, so if you are looking for more powerful models, choose another model.

Madison MAD-TA10BT

Although it reminds us of the past, the valve amplifier is still a valid product today. Something we check on models such as the Madison MAD-TA10BT amplifier. A product that has a 2 x 25 watt output system, which makes it easy to enjoy quality sound in its different inputs. Among them we have the CD, DVD and the conventional line input, so you will not have problems to connect what you need.

You also have a complete front panel in which you have everything you need to control the performance of the equipment. And as a finish, the entire product design follows the vintage line of these devices, so it is easy to add an elegant touch to any room you place it on. Especially because of how colorful the valves are, which mimic the more traditional models.

If you are one of those who prefer a classic touch, even if they are not cheap products, with this equipment you have the most traditional format of the valve amplifiers of all time.



Power : The output power is 2 x 25 watts. More than enough therefore for stays that are not especially large.

Control panel The front control panel simplifies controlling the different product options and fine tuning that sound.

Design : Thanks to its elegant design, this product is very suitable to give a retro touch to any room in which you place it.



LED light: The LED light can be somewhat annoying, according to some users.

Back box: The back box of the product, where the transformer should be, is nothing more than an empty box. Something that reduces fidelity to the product.


How to choose the best amplifiers?


They are known as amplifiers or Power amp as a group of electrical components that increase the voltage and power of a signal, making it in its strongest process. Therefore, the amplifiers work by increasing the signal, so that you can make the speakers such as woofers, subwoofers, speakers and tweeters, so that they can be heard much louder. Before so many models that the market offers, we wanted to make this guide to buy the best amplifier, with which we want to help you choose the model that best suits your needs.

Shopping guide

Manufacturing materials

When making any choice or comparison of amplifiers, we must take a number of relevant aspects into account, as well as be aware of all the advice that the most experienced users in the world of audio and amplifiers can give us. As in virtually all electrical appliances, the materials with which it is manufactured play an important role, marking the durability and resistance of this device. In addition, of course, defines the price of the amplifier.

Since, both the architecture and the external materials are as important as the materials of the internal components and are usually a determining factor when making your final choice. Ask the opinion of any audio professional to reaffirm the general belief that quality is paid. This means that an instrument made of quality materials will cost much more than those made with simpler materials. Therefore, if you are aware of how much the amplifier you are looking for costs, we recommend you look at this aspect.

Difference between valves and transistors

As soon as audio is spoken, in the world of amplifiers there are two great types: while some work with valves, others work with transistors. It must be clear that, at present, most of the audio and video receivers that are in the market are transistorized, although, according to professional users, these devices emit slightly cooler sounds. If you are looking for an economic model, make sure you can easily get the parts.

On the other hand, amplifiers that work with valves, need a much greater maintenance, so being heavier and require heating to operate under adequate performance. However, some audiophiles still gladly acquire this type of system. However, taking these positive aspects into account, in recent years, many of the manufacturers have taken the initiative to launch a line of hybrid amplifiers, which generally work by linking or mixing a valve-based amplifier system to a amplifier based on transistors.

Amplifier power

Whenever we are going to buy a new amplifier, one of the aspects or characteristics that lead every list of recommendations is the power of the amplifier motor. Of course, the power will measure the quality and strength with which the amplifier will increase the sound level and clean up the defects. Although an economical amplifier can be achieved in the market, that device will very likely not have the same sound quality as another slightly more expensive, but more powerful model. 

It is very important to understand in the beginning that power is an element that at all times refers to a load, or electrical resistance that is measured in ohms and is called impedance. In the case of amplifiers, manufacturers usually promote wattage per channel of the amplifier in question, however, you don’t usually specify to what impedance the figure refers.

In addition, it is recommended that, when making your purchase of the audio and video receiver, that you look at its electricity consumption, so that you can see if the device is going to be powerful enough to withstand all wattage consumption which can be seen in the data sheet.

Number of channels

Another of the key aspects surrounding quality amplifiers is the number of channels that the audio and video receiver has. Keep in mind something very important, the total number of channels that an amplifier has will give you an experience at a greater or lesser immersive level, so it is normal to find that professionals usually have very clear the number of speakers they are going to connect.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use an amplifier?

Make sure you have connected the desired speakers, according to the number of output channels available on the device. Then, connect the device that contains the music, such as a USB, SD, in case you have those inputs. Otherwise, you can connect your Android devices through Bluetooth technology, as well as pair your wireless headphones. Then, when you choose the song you want to hear, put it “play” and graduate, either with the knob, or with the adjustment knobs, the sound level, the treble and bass, among other sound values.

Q2: How to make a circuit for audio amplifier?

It is important to have a diagram that represents the entire circuit, as well as all its symbology, so that it weighs in which part each component goes. We begin to weld each component in its respective place. It is a recommendation to be aware of the difference between the negative elements, which differ from the positive ones by taking them for longer than the seconds.

Then, you must weld the components, always making sure you are following the instructions in the diagram you are using as a base. Through the use of a tester we can know which potentiometer legs are the ones that go directly to the ground and which of the two is the positive and the negative. Finally, after making sure that each leg is in place, we connect the entire system with a 9V battery.

Q3: How to eliminate noise in an audio amplifier?

We recommend you start by checking the chassis screws, making sure you are well secured. In many cases it is a small loose piece. On the other hand, you can look at the place where you have connected the amplifier, since sometimes these devices can emit a noise due to a ground loop that is in the place where the amplifier is installed. The noise can also come from a ground loop caused by a plug that has several devices connected. You can try unplugging the amplifier and disconnecting it from the power outlet.

Q4: How to connect an audio amplifier?

First connect the amplifier to a current source, since these devices usually use up to 110 volts of alternating current. After connecting the power cable to the wall, connect the speakers to the amplifier. The stereo models, have outputs for several speakers, depending on the model, placing the right and left speaker in their corresponding place, guided by the color or the reference letter. Then, connect the audio components such as DVD player or turntable and set the amplifier mode to “CD” or “AUX”, as appropriate.

Q5: How to calculate the power of an audio amplifier?

Activate the amplifier circuit. Turn on the voltmeter that you are going to use to measure and choose the “alternating current volts” scale and then proceed to measure the voltage on the output wires. Also, note the voltage measurement. If in case you are using a prefabricated unit, you will have to obtain the impedance or resistance for the speakers or headphones that is noted in the instruction manual. Write down that number on a piece of paper and multiply between the voltage values ​​and divide that result by the value of the impedance you noted.

Q6: How to make a 1000w audio amplifier?

To assemble a 1000W audio amplifier it is very necessary that you have an intermediate level, in terms of knowledge about electronics. Before building the circuit, it is highly recommended that you carefully read the schematic diagram, as well as the list of materials found in the same diagram.

Q7: How to know if the audio amplifier is damaged?

To know if the amplifier is damaged we can give you several recommendations. First turn on the switch and if nothing happens, the problem is in the power section. Turn off, unplug and unscrew the entire box to inspect the fuse. If it is dark or dirty inside it is a sign that it may be burned. Replace it with a similar fuse, guiding you by the value indicated on the fuse base.

Q8: Who created the audio amplifier?

The first audio amplifier was invented by a man named Le DeForest, who presented an archaic triode vacuum tube system. It was a system that was created from Audion and managed to continue developing DeForest. The main difference was that the triode had three components while the diode only had two.


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