If you are passionate about DIY work in your home and you like to keep all your tools organized, we tell you some of the most creative tips with which you can know how you can organize your hammers, screwdrivers, handsaw and other tools, without despair When you need a specific one.

 You like to spend the afternoons doing DIY work in your home, but you usually have all your tools in a disorganized way due to the large number of them that you have in the storage room and losing patience when looking for what you need is something you live every day, The ideal thing for you is to listen to the opinions of the professionals and to put into practice their most creative organizational advice.

It is well known that every fan of DIY and construction or repair work that is respected, usually has a wide variety of tools to help you perform your projects optimally. Therefore, in most situations there are so many objects that the task of organizing them represents a challenge for ingenuity, especially if you have a small space to carry out your ideas in an organized and comfortable way.

If it happens to you that, every time you need a screwdriver with a specific tip or you need the best hammer you have at home to drive a nail into the wall, you don’t find it, the ideal is to listen to all kinds of tips and suggestions that help you Have a greater order in your workspace.

It is important to know that, if you have a place at home to put your tools, but it is a bit small, the correct organization of your entire work team is vital to not waste time when you want to carry out your projects. In addition, DIY jobs usually force you to cumulate all kinds of tools and objects, so the workspace is usually filled quickly.

Next, we make a small list of the most creative and effective ideas that you can put into practice right now and so you can improve the organization of your tools and work objects.

 Sort your tools neatly

First of all, it is best to spread a large blanket or canvas on the floor that you can use to protect your tools from any small or large blow they may suffer, as well as dirt that accumulates easily on them. Start by carefully placing all your favorite tools on top and using them more frequently. Then, after emptying your toolbox, empty it and clean it of dust, as well as any dirt and grease, dirt or wood that may have accumulated over time after use or because it has been stored.

Keep in mind that many of the tools that you save after using them in a job can still have many traces of dirt and debris from the surface that you were working on, so it is ideal that you use some degreasing product, or other similar, with each of your tools, objects and accessories, as well as the toolbox, until everything is perfectly clean.

Get rid of the tools you don’t use

On many occasions you will accumulate all kinds of parts and accessories, which are added to your tools and this makes it almost impossible to organize all your equipment, so it is best to leave the things you do not use. Remember that a tool that is broken, in addition to representing a risk or danger to you and all those who participate in your DIY work, does nothing but occupy a necessary and useful space in your toolbox, as well as in your space of work.

Therefore, after cleaning each of the pieces, assess which one is in good condition, discarding those that you have repeated or in poor condition. However, keep in mind that there are some things that you cannot discard given its great utility, such as the hammer, nails, screws, screwdrivers, tweezers and wrenches, among others.

Remember that, if you run out of space in your toolbox, you can always change it for a larger one or if you usually place them on the wall of your workshop, you have the opportunity to place another shelf, more compartment or an extra panel, which you It will help organize all your tools in an organized way.

Place a tool panel

Keep in mind that toolboxes are, above all, used to move your tools from one workplace to another very easily, so they have been moving towards a more specific use, giving way to more and more Used and useful tool panels.

The panels to place tools are one of the simplest and practical ways that currently exist to maintain the highest order and facilitate access to each object you need, without having to flip your box to get a certain tool. With the panels you can store or place from small objects to large things, keeping a clear view of each of your tools. In these panels you can place screwdrivers, drills, hammers, sanders, saws, keys of all kinds, etc.

Also consider pin boards

These boards are also known as hanging organizers and are quite similar to tool panels, but with a difference. The peg boards have a very practical design, since they have holes in which you can place hooks, compartments and all kinds of friends’ feet that will help you place any type of tool. In addition, they have the advantage of allowing the personalized configuration of the location of each accessory that you have, so that you have a simple and fast access, as well as a clear visibility of all your tools.


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