Hammers are essential tools in virtually every home. In addition, they are basic for people who need to perform any repair work. Knowing the different types of the hammer will help you choose the right model to perform a certain job.

It is clear that the construction and hardware market is extremely wide, since there are innumerable tools and variants thereof specially designed for a particular activity such as drilling, sawing, cutting, chopping and hammering. In this sense, hammers are one of the most widely used tools worldwide, since they allow you to perform common and very specific tasks quickly and easily.

The hammer has been a tool of the oldest and most useful in the market, solving problems at the household level and ideal for DIY tasks, as well as professional level and for the world of industrial construction. In the market there is a wide variety of hammers that vary according to their shape, weight and size. Obviously, each design and type of hammer has a different use. This is why many times we will see that some people have one or two different models of hammers in their home.

If you are about to buy one of these tools, but you do n’t know what hammer to buy ( in this link you find several products to choose from ) , we recommend you to look carefully at the difference between each of them and what better way than reading the next section, where you We make a selection of the most common models and their characteristics. However, it is important to know the parts that a hammer has so that the distinction between one or another model is facilitated.

Know the parts of the hammers

Handle : Basically, it’s the longest part and that’s where the hammers are held Traditionally, this part is made of sturdy and polished wood, so that it is comfortable to hold and does not hurt your hand. However, you can also find some hammers with the handle made of plastic or steel with a rubber coating, which helps prevent the hand from slipping when you are using this tool. The manufacturers guarantee that with the handle a blunt blow can be made with a certain level of damping, which helps the wrist to not suffer any type of damage.

Head : This is the part of the hammer that is responsible for hitting the surface you want to work like the head of a nail. Normally, this aspect is the one that most changes between one type of hammer and another, since each head has a very specific function and use, in addition to being made of steel or iron, which gives them a lot of resistance to withstand the blows.

Nail : This is the opposite part of the head and usually has the function of helping in the main task of a certain hammer.


What are the types of hammers?

 Nail hammer

This is the best known hammer of the entire list, therefore, the most used both at home and in carpentry workshops. This model is mainly differentiated by having a nail at one of its two ends that is used to extract any nail that you have nailed with the opposite part of the head. Among the most sought after models on the market is Bellota Hammer 8007-b, which stands out from the rest for having the head of forged steel and produced in one piece that has been hardened and treated with thermal techniques to guarantee resistance and hardness.

Hammer with rubber ends

Traditionally, these hammers are also known as mallet and are actually the second in the list of the most common and popular hammers in the market. As for its manufacture, these hammers are distinguished by having a noticeably softer head compared to the other models, so they are ideal for work where you do not want to mistreat the piece you are hitting. They are usually used alongside chisels due to their larger impact surface.

Hammer made of Nylon

These models are very similar to rubber hammers, among which we can highlight the Anti-rebot an-116/35. This is manufactured with a special type of Nylon that allows you to perform clean jobs and without any rebound. Also, with this hammer you can generate minimal damage on the surfaces you want to hammer, in addition to presenting an extremely long lifespan.

Ball head hammer

They are very similar to nail models, but, instead of this part, they have a ball-shaped end. These models are widely used by a large number of automotive mechanics, as they are widely used to perform damage repair work such as bumps or dents in the car body. Among the best-selling models on the market, there is the Acorn 8011-b, a tool that stands out for its high quality and is manufactured with a very durable and virtually unbreakable carbon fiber handle.

Chista hammer

These hammers are also called alcotana and are normally used to list all types of metal sheets, as well as to repair dents. Of this type of hammers there are many different variants and models, which are each used to hit different surfaces according to their level of accessibility. In the market, you can find models with a flat, bulged or milled tip.

Woodworking Hammer

Finally, you can find the hammers for carpentry, which are widely used both by users who like DIY, as well as by people who work professionally. On one end they have a wide square head and, on the other end, they have a wedge that is ideal for much more delicate work and where the application of a lot of force is not required. Also, they usually don’t have very large dimensions, so they don’t weigh too much.


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