A miter is one of the tools that should not be missing in the workshop of carpenters, builders, decorators and even DIY enthusiasts. This is due to its ability to make different types of cuts in a wide variety of materials. Therefore, it is important to know the characteristics of some of the most prominent mowers, thinking mainly of power, speed, work capacity, durability, among others.

What is a miter saw?

The miter is one of the tools traditionally used in all carpentry workshops, since it consists of a machine that offers the possibility of cutting the wood in a wide variety of angles, ranging from 45 ° to 90 °, as well as performing bevel and cross cuts quickly and accurately.

At the same time, it is specifically designed to make cuts on small surfaces that require attention to detail, such as skirting boards, jambs and moldings. In addition, when you use it with the appropriate sheet, it also allows you to work on soft metals, agglomerates, fiber, plastic, among others.

Parts of a miter

A basic miter saw has a structure composed of a circular serrated disk, a cutting table, a clamping jaw, the motor and the handle. In this sense, the disc must be made of steel because it is in charge of executing the cut, for this reason, it is necessary to choose one with the characteristics appropriate to the material and thickness of the piece to be cut. Among the most common are those of 210, 254, 305 and 350 mm in diameter.

The cutting table is the surface on which you place the material to be cut. It is adjustable in height and depth depending on the thickness of the ribbon to be cut, generally, it incorporates clamping jaws that allow the pieces to remain immobile for precise results. Likewise, the best miter machines include a table of superior cut that allows to realize very straight works.

As for the engine, it can be electric or gasoline and is responsible for offering the force and speed of movement necessary to spin the disc, which allows efficient cuts. However, you can also find manual saws driven by user strength. For its part, the handle is a fundamental piece for the good use of the miter, because it gives you the comfort and support necessary for you to obtain the best finishes.

Types of miter machines

The manual miter is the most basic, lightweight and easy to use model. It is made up of a wood saw that attaches to a drawer with pre-established cutting guides. It is effective to make cuts at basic angles, so it is appropriate for beginners and amateurs who want to be familiar with the use of these types of tools.

On the other hand, there is the electric or gasoline miter, which is driven by an engine and has the same cutting possibilities as a manual. However, its use requires less physical effort by the user, so it is used in both industrial and domestic workshops. It should be noted that there is a wide variety of models that vary according to engine power.

For its part, the telescopic miter has the characteristics of a basic miter, but also allows cutting larger materials, because the blade holder can be adapted horizontally according to the new dimensions.

Basic instructions for using a miter

Wear protective clothing and accessories for hands, eyes, ears and head, so you can protect your personal integrity. Also, avoid bringing your hands closer than 15 cm away from the blade and keep them away from the turntable to avoid accidents.

Before turning on the machine, lower the blade and make the necessary adjustments, to ensure that the cutting area and the type of angle selected are correct. Also, you must make sure you support and hold the piece you want to cut firmly on the support area. Finally, raise the blade, turn on the miter and lower it again to make the cut.

The best miter options

Bosch PCM 8

It is one of the lightest miter machines compared to others of its kind, with 7.9 kg that make it possible to transport it with ease and comfort to the workplace. It has a power of 1200 W that reaches 4800 rpm, as well as a saw blade of 216 mm in diameter and a height of 60 mm, so it is able to make fast and precise cuts between 0º and 48º. It also includes laser light indicator, spindle lock, dust bag and connection for vacuum cleaner.

Makita LH1200FL

It is a table miter with a 1650 W power motor, which together with its 305 mm diameter disc is capable of cutting different types of materials, such as wood, metal and aluminum, effortlessly and obtaining high quality finishes. Its large table incorporates a scale and a laser indicator, to facilitate the visibility of the cutting line, even in poorly lit areas. In addition, it incorporates some accessories such as dust bag, side supports, jaw, push stick, among others.

Einhell TC-SM 2131 Dual

It is a dual telescopic miter, with an engine of 1800 W of power and 5000 rpm, so it is able to work effectively on wooden boards and beams, cladding, parquet, laminate, among others. Thanks to its dual head of rotation to the right and left, this tool allows to make cuts with a rotating range of -45 to + 45º. In addition, it incorporates laser light cutting guide and traction function, which facilitates cutting into pieces up to 62 mm high and 310 mm wide.

Stanley 1-20-600

This practical and convenient manual miter is a basic tool in the workshops of carpentry and DIY enthusiasts. It is composed of a drawer made of synthetic material with predefined cut lines and angles of 22.5º, 45º and 90º. Also, it has a 355 mm long saw with HP teeth, capable of providing smooth and effective cuts on metals such as steel. Likewise, this machine includes a compartment for storing the saw, saw top, retention cams and a pencil. As if that were not enough, it is one of the cheapest compared to other similar tools.


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