Welcome to the most in-depth review on the Curry 2 shoe for basketball domination. Okay, well maybe the shoes won’t make you dominate but you know the saying: look good, play good. Let’s go!

If you an avid basketball player, picking up a brand new pair of basketball sneakers is probably one of the most exciting parts of updating your equipment. Even though a good pair of sneakers doesn’t necessarily mean much when it comes to how you play, they can definitely help with your confidence and make you feel more comfortable while on the court.

That being said, there is a myriad of models of basketball sneakers, and choosing the right pair can often prove to be a proper headache for even the most excellent connoisseurs! It’s a bitter-sweet struggle really, as the problem with the choice will arise not from the fact that the pair you pick up will be bad, but that there are so many high-quality brands, that you simply cannot make heads or tails out of which one to choose.

In this Curry 2 Review, we’ll present to you one of the best models that came out recently. At the first glance, one thing is certain- it’s got the looks, and what’s more, the kind of looks you would expect to see in a 90’s basketball-related movie, like Space Jam! So if you’re into all that ‘retro-futuristic sort of style’, a pair of these will put a big smile on your face. You’ll only need a hoverboard to complete the ‘Back to the Future’ look, and these thingies seem to be just around the corner, the way the technology’s going nowadays!

Before we proceed to describing the Curry 2 in more detail, a couple of words about what you need to pay attention to when you’re buying a fresh new pair of basketball sneakers. In this article, we’ll try to concentrate on materials. Chances are, you already know these important parameters, but it’s not bad to remind yourself once in awhile about what are the important things to look for with this kind of specialized footwear.

Pushing it to the limits: Materials and how long will they last when put to the test

Typically, the materials used for manufacturing top tier basketball sneakers fall into two major categories: synthetic and natural. Now, while the word synthetic does have a certain ‘fake’ feel to it, don’t be discouraged just yet. The kind of synthetic that the basketball sneakers are made of is usually a highly-processed mixture of artificial materials, and manufactures tend to use these simply because they are relatively inexpensive and quite durable.

Of course, this may come at a price of comfort, but since these materials are mostly used for outer parts, this does not necessarily present that much of a problem. In fact, most modern basketball shoes are a mixture of artificial and natural materials, so that you can enjoy the best of the both worlds while you’re out there on the court.

As for the natural materials, the first thing that springs to mind is leather. Used for shoe-crafting for as long as there were shoes, leather is a tough yet gentle material that provides excellent breathability features. This means that your feet won’t become all stinky and stale after a prolonged wear, and also, that you’ll feel much more comfortable while you’re actually wearing them on the court. Or off court, for that matter.

The Curry 2 Review: The kind of a sneaker Marty McFly would wear if he was a pro basketball player. Or Stephen Curry, while we’re at it!

Traction-wise, the Curry crew have incorporated some new interesting elements to their sole design. More precisely, the herringbone shape we got used to seeing on their models has been scrapped in favor of the innovative three-piece design, which offers enhanced stability and a slight reduction in weight, according to their measurements.

The rubber mixture used for this has been changed somewhat, and the result is a much softer feel, which produces quite a pleasant squeak when it comes into contact with an indoor surface. This reinvented rubber type also means that the traction is top-notch, meaning that you’ll stay firmly on track no matter how aggressive your way of playing gets.

As for the cushioning– that’s been changed, too. Similarly to the softening-up of the rubber sole on this model, the Curry 2 also features a milder cushioning, offering a more comfortable feel for your feet. This isn’t necessarily a key feature that will change your entire game, as pretty much all pro basketball sneakers have quite decent comfort properties, and you can’t really say that a model is plain ‘uncomfortable’.

Still, a nicely-balanced cushioning with just the right amount of support and perhaps a pinch of comfortable breathing space wouldn’t ever hurt a player’s performance. For the record, the height of the cushioning is pretty much the same as with the Curry 1.

Support and stability– arguably one of the most important aspects of a basketball shoe is its stability, as NOT spraining your ankle was pretty much the reason these specialized pieces of footwear came into existence in the first place.

In this department, the Curry 2 performs excellently, as the new sole design seems to provide as much support for your feet as the previous versions.  Since the sole is split up into three sections with this model, the inner part is slightly elevated, and it’s made out of a special kind of durable foam, which supports the main rubber parts of the sole itself.

If you look at it from behind, you’ll notice that the sole part is fairly wide, offering a stable basis for movement and jumping.

Last but not least, let’s discuss the looks of this Curry 2 model. The theme they were going with is obviously a 90’s futuristic kind of look. To achieve this, they’ve incorporated some bright colors, mainly concentrating on the fluorescent green and blue combination. Of course, this model is available in many different finishes and themes, and we’re sure you’ll find one that would be perfect for you, whatever your preferences are like.

The chopped up enhanced sole is another curious solution you’re going to like, as it offers great stability AND looks pretty sci-fi-worthy! (not that people will be seeing much of your soles during the game, though, unless you fall down a lot)


All in all, we hope this Curry 2 Review has helped you get a clearer picture of this new model. Whether we’re talking about its looks or about the performance on the court, we could certainly say it cuts the mustard just fine, especially in comparison to some more expensive models.


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