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Shades of Grey: Has Society Cannibalized Itself

More and more visible signs of enmity and hatred in all social spheres. Just notice how motorists drive, the behavior of others in public places, scenes of bitterness and conflict between religions, political ambitions or how we address discrepancies to realize the climate of coercion at present situation in our country India.

Furthermore, it is also regrettable to see how we are “accustomed” to hostility, the impolite treatment, unfriendly and at the same time, the obvious disregard alike. To say nothing of the indifference, apathy, and lack of solidarity which, incidentally, is becoming our national culture.

The Society has Cannibalized Its Own Core Values, Become Its Own Worst Enemy, and Eats Alive Anyone, Man or Woman, who Dares Challenge It.

We require mature feelings of understanding unity. And consequently, we must deploy a measure of approval from one person to another that has different values, ideas, options, norms, beliefs and alien practices when they are contrary to their own and accepting others comprising the scope of the various means for understanding human existence.

In our work, we perceive belligerence in offices, families, neighbors and the most basic activities that we carry out. Even we use this as a pretext every day to justify our negative actions. We have transformed harassment into a way of life, the segregationist attitude in a defensive mechanism and grievance in the perfect substitute in the absence of sensible arguments.

There is a massive atmosphere of rejection, prejudice, arrogance and, therefore, a shortage of emotional intelligence that prevents our life on the minimum levels and makes peaceful coexistence request limited. The stress from our daily life should not alter the optimal standards. Living with compassion and respect should feed on expanding our “sense of belonging.”

Strong human relationships will make us better as human beings and serve to affirm a beneficial atmosphere around us. It should desist from the wild and low self-esteem behaviors that emphasize poor overall interaction. Let the communities try to learn to live within the parameters of civilization and discernment, and we could begin by understanding that our rights. Complex condition decreases our quality of life.

From our view, ineptitude creates severe consequences on growing bias in our country. Longing, with a naive illusion that has the appropriate reflection to enlighten emotional and intellectual disabilities. Remember a wrong opinion may be tolerated where reason is free to combat it. We didn’t use word ‘intolerant’ because we are not, some people trying to break our country for their personal gains don’t let them accomplish.

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