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Let’s Be Real: The Truth About Working From Home

Getting stuck in traffic early in the morning or getting upset about the bus and train delays, then sitting in an additional meeting for an hour, only to struggle with exhausting and annoying colleagues instead of working focused, productive and satisfied.

There are scenarios like these, which is why every employee has thought before: Working at home – that would be a dream. No long commute, even the time and work, the cozy home atmosphere and no trouble with colleagues. At first glance, it seems to have many advantages to be able to work from home, and that’s why the model is in trend. Many employees are unaware that this is not the best way for everyone is to work from home.

Working at Home: A particularly favorite way of working

Not only in modern companies or hip startups, but the changes and innovations in the work can also be observed. Employees increasingly want flexible working hours, an autonomous organization of their working methods and the chance of decentralized work.

Modern concepts designed to increase motivation and satisfaction while delivering better performance and results. The Home Office stands for many high on the list. The purpose of being able to work from home exerts a particularly great appeal on many employees.

One big reason is the freedom when working at home. Tasks can be divided more independently, no boss who continually looks over the shoulder and the compatibility of family and work seems more comfortable if at least part of their own working time can be worked at home.

Working from home is often underestimated!

People who want to work from home face some challenges and difficulties that need to be mastered if you’re going to work successfully in your own four walls. Preferably, it is the work itself that poses many strange problems. Working in the office or at home is far from being the same. This starts with the personal attitude and mentality on a working day. The work already begins mentally with the way to the workplace, the arrival in the office and the atmosphere with boss and colleagues. You go into work mode and are ready to tackle the first points on your ToDo list.

At home, on the other hand, you are only prepared for leisure, relaxation, and recreation. It can be difficult to concentrate and be just as efficient as working outside your own home.

It is also often not thought that it can be very lonely to work from home. Instead of being surrounded by colleagues all day, having lunch with them or occasionally having a chat over coffee, this social contact is missing when you work at home. Spending only a few days at home does not have much of an impact yet, but almost exclusively from the home office, isolating can be a burden that not everyone can handle well.

Working at Home: You should bring that with you

Everyone wants to work at home, but by no means, everyone is really fit for it. Unfortunately, most people find that late when they’ve been fighting for a long time. Many of them will get frustrated and often desire to return to regular work.

However, some people’s life demands of working at home. We show you what you should bring if you really want to work regularly from home:


It is not always easy to get up at home and motivated to work. The atmosphere is different, and you are not surrounded by your colleagues who are also working and can get carried away. Anyone who wants to work successfully at home must have the necessary motivation and be able to inspire themselves.

Your motivation should not only be that you want to work from home. Find out what really drives you in the job and create a productive environment at home as well.


Of course, there are a few distractions in the office, but working at home requires a much greater degree of concentration. Finally, there are lurking things everywhere that still have to be dealt with and which you should take care quickly – then you will do the work immediately afterward.

A trap that you should not fall for. You do not have to spend the full working hours, but the danger of procrastination is very high when you work at home. Hence, you require the necessary discipline and concentration, so as not to succumb to the temptation to be distracted or interrupted by anything.


Most people need social contact to be happy. Work alone at home every day, and nobody else sees? Many do not take that long. If you really plan to move your workplace home, you should ask yourself if you can cope with the isolation and what you can do to avoid it.

Telephone calls with colleagues, videoconferences or even days when you work at home rather than at home are possible ways of not wholly missing the contact in the job. But even outside of professional contacts, you should meet regularly with friends or your family to suffice your social needs.


Are you in a position to organize your own work, to make decisions without consulting colleagues or the boss, and to act independently in the job? If not, you will have big problems if you want to work at home. Here you are entirely on your own, and if you call the boss every ten minutes to ask again or ask for instructions, then they will get mad at you.

Not everyone is doing this self-employment, some workers need more leadership to get the best from them. It is essential to know and question your way of working before you rush to work from home and then realize that you are not at all and that you do not do much work.

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