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Interview Question: Why Should We Hire You?

In the job interview, applicants are sometimes asked about unexpected things. For example, which animal they would be. Or what secret superpower they would want. The meaningfulness of such questions can arguably quarrel.

But one of the typical questions in the job interview is classic: why should we hire you? And of course, that means: why you – in comparison to the many other qualified candidates? The question sounds nasty, but it is not really. In fact, there is a lot of subtext in the question – and a question that should be asked applicants anyhow.

There are many more in every open HR questions

Whenever HR professionals ask such open questions, they want to get as much information about the candidate as possible. Also in these questions are in the subtext a few more:

  • Why are you the best candidate for this job?
  • Why do you fit in ideally with our culture?
  • Why do you have optimal qualifications for this position?
  • What added value can you offer us that others do not bring?

The HR may also ask one of these questions instead of the above classic. Sometimes even the exact opposite is circulating: Why should NOT we hire you?

Ultimately, however, all variations are always about this tenor: how do you differentiate yourself from the rest? What makes you unique (suitable)? And you should prepare yourself well in any case. Because the thoughtful answer is essential to get the job in the end.

Why are HR asking this question anyway?
HR asks the question because they are looking for the vacancy for the vacant position. But that’s easier said than done. Especially if the last five candidates in the race genuinely bring all the necessary qualifications. In that case, such a question helps to differentiate the applicants. And that is precisely the plan.

In the answer given by a candidate, not only cunningness, eloquence and personality resonate. From the details and depth of the answer, HR specialists can also get a good idea of ​​the future way of working, for example, how analytically systematic the candidate is.

Therefore, you should basically convince HR staff that …

  • You master any challenges and deliver above-average results.
  • You can rely on rich and practical experience.
  • You can fully integrate into existing teams and processes.
  • You bring new impetus to the company.
  • You work reliably and carefully.

The answer as to why you should be hired

Now comes the hard part: All this information you can probably long and wide and good 20 minutes long refer. Mistake! If you take that much time you have already evaporated the essence of your impression.

Six to eight minutes are entirely sufficient for this. But it should not be more. For this, it is necessary to focus on a maximum of three to four strong reasons and also to put three to four convincing examples from the previous curriculum, which then briefly and succinctly refer.

Incidentally, most candidates make a cardinal error on the site: They talk about their training, their qualifications and garnish the whole thing with a few adjectives and soft skills of the type: “I’m a team player, resilient, loyal …” Giant flaw! Because this is a first-person perspective, nobody gets convinces. Good salespeople know: Only those who take the perspective of their counterpart and explain to him what benefits and added value he (with you) gains will be enthralling.

Although colloquially this is what they say: Do not sell yourself but sell the personel a solution, a benefit, extra features that your attitude brings. Qualifications and competencies are only the basis that makes this offer possible and credible. So, do not just wind down a kind of list of strengths, but look for valid and perhaps impressive impressions that emphasize why you bring the key factors for this job and this position and how you will use them.

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