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Increase your Audience with Livestream Campaigns

Any marketing campaign’s ultimate aim is to attract people towards their product to turn them into a regular customer or to spread awareness across all. There are so many directions in which successful campaigns can be run.

From using contests to web series to live stream, different campaigns across different platforms have proven to be successful. One of such tools for spreading awareness is through – Live Streaming which has been spreading far and wide regarding interaction with the live audience and clarifying their queries as and when they arrive.

The most prominent advantage of streaming live is the sudden buzz it creates among people. Billions of people use social media platforms on a regular basis. Using social media as a tool to harness a larger chunk of the audience is the best way to promote your brand.

So far we all have seen live streaming and various campaigns that were run through it. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and many other platforms which are used by masses have the live streaming feature. Below is a detailed dissection of different campaigns that have been executed on various platforms so that you can get an opinion of how to reach masses and get your brand’s word around.


Facebook is the first and foremost option that enters anyone’s mind when we think of going live. Facebook Live is ‘the’ place to get maximum reach. The message behind any campaign is to hit the right chord with people. Very recently Panasonic Smart Phones, a well-known smartphone brand did an interesting campaign to catch people’s attention by doing an extensive live series.

They traveled to 29 different states for 29 days for the launch of their Eluga A3 Pro Smartphone. The idea was to highlight the fact there is #SoMuchToDo in India. Influencers from every state would go live every day and explain anything unique about their city using #SoMuchToDo. The campaign was a huge success and also entered the India Book of Records for their unique campaign.


Twitter is superb for short, spontaneous videos to give updates to their users on what’s happening. Volkswagen, to promote their sponsorship of the Planeta Terra Festival, hid tickets all over the city and shared the location with users via a map.

The catch here was until, and unless people shared the #FoxAtPlanetaTerra on Twitter, the location would not be revealed. It was a huge success and was spread like wildfire within 2 hours of it starting.


Initially, it started as just a photo sharing App, but with time it has grown into a multi-featured App with Insta Stories and Live videos. Both of which disappear within 24 hours and hence keeping it short and simple that gets the message rolling.

John Mayer — a renowned singer, to promote his new set of extended play, ‘The Search for Everything’ became a rage on Instagram through live videos, engaging more people to listen to his marvelous music.


YouTube has always been the hub for watching videos online. Red Bull featured a mixture of original shows and special events. They also live-streamed the world’s longest free-fall, which not only broke the record for this but also for the world’s most live-streamed video.

With trendsetting campaigns like these, there is no doubt that millions of ideas can be formulated. If you are a brand and believe that your product needs the recognition, then we urge you to try and embed campaigns and see the result for yourself.

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