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Colon cancer is more dangerous for younger people

Whatever the disease, it is bad. But there are some diseases which prove to be fatal when they are in their old age, whereas in Young Age, we are able to bear them easily. At the same time, there are some diseases, in which the body easily suffers in old age, whereas in youth they prove to be fatal. One such disease is stomach cancer. You will be surprised to know this, but the same thing has come out in the health study.

It is a matter of concern that the faster the cancer that develops in the stomach, the faster it spreads. At the same time, it grows in a more fatal condition in people under 60 years. The study has revealed that this stomach cancer is genetically different from other cancers and chemotherapy is also almost ineffective. On the one hand, while the problem of stomach cancer in older people is seen to decrease in the last few years, it is growing rapidly in the younger adults. It has made up about a third of stomach cancer.

According to the study’s co-author and oncologist surgeon at Rochester Mayo Clinic, Doctor Travis Grotez, the growing disease of colon cancer is a dangerous condition. Because it kills life fast. People have very little knowledge about this cancer occurring in the stomach. Due to the lack of information related to the early symptoms of this cancer, it spreads rapidly and the patient is not able to take it seriously and ignores the need for medical examination. For this reason, by the time the disease is recognized in young patients, it has reached a critical level.

The researcher team studied some specific data from the year 1973 to 2005. During this period, more than 75 thousand cases of stomach cancer patients came out. In this study period, the level of stomach cancer in elderly people decreased by two percent. But the disease began to grow at a rate of 1.5 percent in young adults. Its growth was noted especially after 2013 and this growth was continuous. Especially among those who are living in their 40s, 50s or 60s. This research is published in the latest issue of the journal Surgery. Researchers hope that this study will be helpful in detecting the risk factors associated with this different type of stomach cancer.

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